For more than 20 years, Van Kronenburg Autosport has been designing, developing and building high-performance engines for various applications. In the early years, different types of engine management systems were used. Due to dissatisfaction with the offer in this area, it was decided to develop our own affordable management sys

The purpose of these systems, which would eventually evolve into the Kronenburg Management Systems (KMS), was that they should be simple, reliable, yet effective at an affordable price. With this philosophy, Van Kronenburg Autosport has been able to design a system that is suitable for 90% of all applications.

Today, the Kronenburg Management Systems (KMS) have grown into a full line of engine management systems, which allow petrol engines (both turbo and n / a) to be controlled up to 12 cylinders with options such as 4mb data logging, staged / banked injection , map selector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, boost control, variable launch control, idle control, traction control, powershift, rev limiters, engine diagnosis, shift light, water injection, cooling fan, fuel pump, etc.